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It 's in giving that we receive.It's in perdoning that we are pardoned.Govindan

Dedicated to my great Gurudev Yogacharya Shri  S.V. Govindan

  The Wandering Monks Ayurveda Association
was established to promulgate Ayurvedic massage according to the teachings received, perpetuated and handed down
by the venerable Shri S.V. Govindan
and to train assistants and teachers so that they can maintain this tradition around the world

I would like to show you and express something that is not easy to convey: the preparation of an Ayurvedic therapist.
Intellectual, psychological, spiritual, poetic preparation.
Preparation that leads to a new way of feeling and that has a different therapeutic effect.
I will take you with me to the places I have visited, through the conversations I have had with doctors and monks and on the many journeys I have taken. I will try to lead you to what is the essence of Ayurveda: creation and poetry.
Every massage, when performed with this in mind, is an act of creation. The body is capable of changing with every treatment, as are the mind and our most interior facets.
The Ayurvedic Massage of the Wandering Monks is a very, very ancient treatment and an art that risks being lost forever... my task today is to make this wonderful technique better known around the world, to remind us of what Ayurveda really means. I have learned all the Ayurvedic massage treatment techniques practised in Ayurvedic hospitals in India.
I have had the great fortune and privilege to be personally supervised by the maestro Govindan.
He accompanied me step by step, year after year, teaching me the ancient art of Ayurvedic massage rigorously and patiently for more than twenty years. I followed him and from him I learned the most profound, most precious, most unique aspects of this tradition. ....... This is the art of Ayurvedic massage that I am now passing on to the world."

Alida Dal Degan

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The School

I am a man who belongs to another world that is, one that may seem very strange. For I claim that I am moved by love, that I feel it all the time. I do not deal in opinions, but only in thought, in which there can be give and take… There is nothing so powerful as love and thought – no institution, no government, no ‘ism’, no scripture, no weapon. I hold that these, love and thought, are the only sources of power.
                                                                              Vinoba Bhave

                    The school is now accepting applications 

                                       This year will begin two modules:

  •   Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking (84 hours)
  •    Traditional Ayurvedic Massage (160 hours)

 The Master of Nutrition and Ayurvedic cooking takes place in six weekends:
• classes on nutrition, for the first time in Ticino, in direct connection with India carried out alongside with a teaching staff of highly qualified physicians university.
• practical cookery lessons

a fascinating experience that immerses us in the culture and knowledge of India ... here in Ticino, in our school.

For more information:

send an email to or alida.daldegan @

phone calls to Alida Dal Degan +41 (0) 76 390 69 08


Our partner in India: Sree Sankara Community for Ayurveda consciousness

Sree Sankara Community for Ayurveda consciousness Limited is our Indian home.

This is a group of traditional Ayurvedic hospitals. The maestro Govindanji has spent recent years at the main premises in Changanacherry and has taught valuable lessons at the Sree Sankara Gardens in Kumily. It is here that Alida Dal Degan continues the work of the Maestro, teaching the Ayurvedic massage of the wandering monks.

Click on the photo to visit the Sree Sankara website, and if you would like to study and travel with us, go to the section on this site dedicated to courses in India.

We delighted to announce that Alida Dal Degan is now a member of the teaching staff of the
Sree Sankara Community for Ayurveda consciousness.